Martial arts training and overall fitness are nearly synonymous. As a person trains in martial arts to develop life safety skills like Kickboxing and Jiujitsu, their overall level of physical fitness automatically improves; sometimes before the practitioner  is even aware of the changes in their own bodies, loved ones will notice and comment. There are so many exciting fitness benefits a person can realize while they are training, lets go over a few of the most important ones here today.

One of the most notable improvements is in cardiovascular health. As soon as a person begins to train regularly in a martial arts regime, they will almost immediately begin to develop a stronger cardiovascular system; which is made up of the heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries. This equates to many benefits in the overall health of a person: including more stroke volume being delivered to all parts of the body with every pump of the heart, improved circulation throughout the entire body, higher levels of overall energy, improved temperature regulation, decreased risk of disease, and improved stamina. This equates to lasting longer during training: not becoming exhausted or giving up to an opponent because of debilitating exhaustion. 

Increased cardiovascular health also equates to more calories burned during exercise and even during rest. An effective and efficiently improved cardiovascular system side effect is that the body will even increase the calories burned after the workout is over and even while the person is resting.. this  increased metabolic rate is a powerful and valuable benefit for everyone. Another benefit is an improved hormonal profile and a decrease in unhealthy food cravings. Not only can the appetite decrease, but, the body will crave healthy, nutrient dense foods for optimum fuel and recovery.

Another excellent benefit of improved cardiovascular fitness is an improvement in a person's general mood, attitude, and overall outlook on life. The body releases endorphins that are automatically mood lifting and it is a hard fact that even short bursts of drills and training throughout the day can help bolster a bad mood.

Come by the Academy and let us help you enroll in a program that is right for you. Try the Boxer's Conditioning Kickboxing workout, or join us for an amazing Brazilian Jiujitsu class. Bring your kids and let them learn great fitness habits that will last them a lifetime.

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