Today is Sunday, November 15, we are 45 days until the close of the year. If your resolution will be to pick up a new skill, get in shape, or to become healthier and happier, I invite you to visit our academy for a chance to do all that and more right now. Since setting goals is the important first step in reaching goals and procrastination is the biggest reason for failure, there is no better time than now to get started on your future goals. 

        I want you to know that we are broadening our schedule to include socially spaced Kickboxing/Conditioning classes. You can compliment your Jiujitsu with this class or take it as a stand alone style of training.       

        If you start today, you will have achieved these goals and be ready for more by January 1!!

        To get a jumpstart on the benefits of a HEALTHY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION  you can come by the Academy and take any of our classes, I look forward to training with everyone, all skills and ages are welcome! 


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