Get ready, Aventura! Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning classes will be added to the schedule soon, so get ready to sweat! This class will include American kickboxing striking and kicking combinations and can burn up to 600 calories per hour! Each class  will also devote a portion of  time to over all body conditioning, including neck, shoulder, and spinal mobilization, as well as core strengthening and hip mobility. Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning Class is designed to raise the heartrate, increase all aspects of human range of motion and increase your striking and kicking power, fast! This class is recommended for all fitness levels and can be scaled down for fresh beginners and modified for anyone with any physical issues or concerns. 

Gentlemen grapplers in Jiujitsu will definitely experience benefits to their ground game from this focused crosstraining session with increased strength, range of mobility, and improved cardiovascular power!  

Ladies are very welcome and will immediately begin to feel and see their bikini bodies beginning to emerge!  

WARNING: Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning Classes have been known to be ADDICTIVE!! So be sure to call in, stop by, or reach out on the website to sign up now and  save your spot (the first 20 will receive a gift from Master Marcus just for signing up)!!! 

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