New Kickboxing Classes Starting in September

New  Kickboxing Classes Starting in September


While Marcus Aurelio Jiu Jitsu Academy prides itself on teaching the gentle art, we also know that MMA basics are fundamental to a fully fit fighter. It is good to sharpen that right hook and that kick while staying in tip-top shape. 


The thing is, our North Miami Beach kickboxing classes aren’t just about cardio—they’re about hand-eye coordination, stamina, and maintaining proper distance from an opponent. One of the reasons we’re now offering North Miami Beach kickboxing classes alongside jiujitsu is because jiujitsu is all about grappling and getting in close, while kickboxing shows us how to fight from a distance. Never knowing who or what you might be up against, it’s a good idea to train in both styles to fully round out your skill set. 


Generally, our North Miami Beach kickboxing classes are a nice introduction to martial arts for those who aren’t a fan of getting in deep into someone’s personal space the way we do in jiujitsu. Nevertheless, kickboxing is a gateway martial art—and you might just find yourself slapping the mats like the rest of us later on. 


Kickboxing classes officially start today, September, 16, 2020. Members will be allowed a free two-week introduction to the classes with Coach Kyle, where they'll learn all about stances and striking. Please call the school to inquire about the additional charge to your membership if you would like to enroll, and let’s get kicking! 


Lastly, we offer a $300 gift card incentive to any student who manages to help us sign up three new students.


Hope to see you there tonight!

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