Private Jiujitsu Classes in North Miami Beach


Private Jiujitsu Classes in North Miami Beach


With Miami-Dade county entering the first phase of reopening, we’ve reduced the size of our jiujitsu classes in North Miami Beach to ensure that six feet of social distancing are kept among all of our students. We perform deep cleans three times a day, provide hand sanitizer for students and teachers alike, take student’s temperatures before allowing them onto the mat, and only allow students to remove their masks and step onto our tatami once they’ve been cleared of any COVID-19 symptoms. We’ve also taken the liberty of taping down square spaces on the mats to ensure that six feet of social distancing are maintained at all times. Students follow us as we do our jiujitsu conditioning workouts from the comfort of their boxed spaces, with no extra effort on their part.


However, for some people, entering an academy even at six feet apart might make them feel anxious. That’s why Marcus Aurelio Jiujitsu Academy has decided to focus on working with our students through a convenient and intricate network of private and online group sessions—so that all of our students can enjoy the benefits of their membership to the fullest.


Why Private Jiujitsu Classes are Ideal


Our private jiujitsu classes in North Miami Beach are excellent for quelling anxiety in students and parents alike. As parents, you want to make sure that you can protect your child from anything—but that can be hard when the threat is a virus that we still don’t know much about.

Even so, one thing is certain: the higher the ratio of people in a room, the higher the chances of someone contracting COVID-19. Following this simple logic, we can already tell that one on one classes significantly lessens the threat of transmission (even though our public classes are also fine to attend, as we screen everyone). By having the whole mat to themselves, students and teachers can train in a controlled and sanitized environment—all while boosting their immunity through the blood-pumping cardio of jiujitsu.


Jiujitsu Helps Manage Anxiety

In a time where many feel that everything is out of their control, jiujitsu is a physical and emotional anchor for people who are feeling lost right now. There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 has completely torn down our routines, making the most basic of habits, such as hugging or shaking hands—a thing of the past. While adults feel the pressure of providing for their families and keeping them safe, we can unknowingly pass on this stress to our children.


Children mirror their parent’s behaviors and moods, and they’re easily affected and stressed by abrupt changes in their routine or environment. The best way to combat this stress is by giving children a sense of normalcy by bringing back at least part of their routine.

We’re sure you remember how energetic and puzzled your children were during lockdown. You probably had to devote extra time that you didn’t have to comfort them or help them burn off excess energy as they were forced to stay indoors. Now, we can help you manage this aspect of your work and life balance by providing your child with the safest workout so that your kids can exercise freely—the way they used to.


Call Marcus Aurelio Jiujitsu Academy Today


If you’re ready to take the next step in ensuring your child’s physical and mental health, then call us today at (786) 274-1771 to schedule a private session. We work with your schedule and pair you up with either Master Marcus or Coach Marco, highly skilled instructors who have worked with children for years. They both know how best to motivate children without overwhelming them. You can also email us about our  jiujitsu classes in North Miami Beach at, and we’ll respond as promptly as we are able to.


Please be aware that our two daily classes for children will be held Monday thru Friday at 5 pm and then our second class will be held at 6 pm. On Saturdays, class will be held at 10 am.




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