Children from ages 7 to 9 are impacted by jiu jitsu differently from the rest. They’re old enough to know better than their younger classmates, but haven’t yet developed a lot of emotional maturity. At our North Miami Beach BJJ academy, our jiu jitsu curriculum helps develop children in the following ways:


At a time in their lives when 7 to 9 year olds have weak fine motor skills, we strive to teach them how to maintain proper form. Drilling proper form through a steady routine that expands and builds upon their frame of reference is essential to building up a crucial network of physical skills. Among these skills is balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance.

The end goal is for children to attain a high level of agility–to the point where they can use all of these skills simultaneously during sparring.


They say that courage must be practiced daily. Young children ages 7 to 9 are only beginning to understand how complex emotions truly are, and aren’t yet equipped to properly navigate difficult situations.

Many children assume that their goals can be achieved merely through projecting their desires. As adults, we know to always expect the unexpected, but this can come as a shock to many children who’ve only just begun training at our North Miami Beach BJJ academy.

Oftentimes, children make simple conjectures of cause effect and can be left dumbfounded when things don’t work out exactly as they had imagined. It’s hard to let go of high expectations, and children can be crushed by their own if they don’t learn that patience and diligence are also a natural part of the martial arts process. This is our definition of courage: to believe in yourself relentlessly (and to help others, of course)!

Believing in oneself, even as an adult, can be very difficult, and we are proud of how our North Miami Beach BJJ academy principles help our students mature; both emotionally and intellectually. It teaches them to be resourceful and realistic.


Jiu jitsu calls for a lot of creativity. Since the sport hinges on the premise that a much smaller opponent should be capable of taking down a larger one, kids must learn to think outside of the box.

By training kids to find new solutions to complex problems, they learn that there is no one way to do things, and that success (in all aspects of life) depends on their ability to adapt to a situation. This pushes them to become critical thinkers, analyzing a situation before making split second decisions with confidence and precision. Our North Miami Beach BJJ academy stands by our promise to motivate children to grow as people by teaching them the principles of jiu jitsu. Through learning the principles of patience and quick thinking, we can reach a better understanding of how our bodies work, and in doing so, attain a better understanding of ourselves, our limitations, and how to surpass them.

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