Lior Klepach, Martial Arts Instructor

Lior Klepach

Lior is a genuine powerhouse and a highly decorated  lifelong martial arts aficionado with extensive experience in various martial arts, such as western boxing, Muay Thai, and Judo, who  previously served in the Israeli Defense Force. He earned his rank of black belt in Jiujitsu under Master Marcus and even though he was an experienced  brown belt when he first met the Master, many years ago,  Lior recounts his first  grappling encounter with the Master as if 'a book of knowledge' was opened before him. For the first time, he felt the power of the almost imperceptibly executed details of  Jiujitsu skills done right. He was amazed at Master Marcus' smooth and fast finishes and Lior instantly  knew he was in the right place. So many years later, he is still a credit to the academy; his whole family train there with him, as he passes his legacy of skill and knowledge onto his children and other students.

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